Advance Excel and macros

Advance Excel and macros

Advance Excel and macros

The training program focuses on improving productivity and data management.
Duration: 16 hours

Certificate will be provided

Share & Protect data
Importing data into Excel
Protecting specific data and formulae
Tracking changes in a workbook
Hiding elements of a workbook
Workbook security
Merging and sharing workbooks
Connecting with hyperlinks
Preparing workbooks for distribution and review
Sharing Excel data externally

Formulae & Functions

Using name ranges in formulae
Text functions (upper, lower, proper, transpose, concatenate etc.)
Time & date functions
Logical formulae (and, if, not, or, etc.)
Array formulae
Lookup formulae (vlookup, hlookup, index, match etc.)
Statistical formulae (round, average, max, min, sumif, countif, counta, etc.)
Complex nested formulae
Circular references and other errors
Formulae auditing

Data management & analysis

Creating & maintaining data tables
Sorting & subtotalling data
Autofilter and custom filtering
What-if analysis
Scenario manager
Goal seeker function
Solver function

Pivot Tables & Charts

What is a pivot table
Creating a pivot table
Defining the layout and the presentation of a pivot table
Pivoting data elements
Selecting, copying, moving or deleting in a pivot table
Filtering, sorting and slicing data in a pivot table
Pivot charts

Charts & graphics
Selecting the right chart
Formatting the labels, titles and legends
Managing the axis, data series and scale
Modifying and updating source data
Saving custom charts
Inserting graphic objects

Formatting & Presentation

Formatting dates, numbers and text
Using functions to format text and data
Creating and applying custom formats
Conditional formatting
Installed templates and workbook design
Styles & themes
Splitting windows and freezing panes
Headers, footers and repeated rows/columns
Page setup and printing

Macros & VBA

What is a macro
Recording a macro
Running a macro
Assigning a macro to a button
Macro security
Editing a macro using VBA
Writing a macro in the Visual Basic Editor
Creating custom functions using VBA
Introduction to Design of dashboard applications

  • Start: None
  • Package Duration: 16 Days
  • Seats Available: 80
  • Total Classes: 16
  • Time: 6 p.m. - 7 p.m.