Coding for kids 5 to 7

Coding for kids 5 to 7

Coding for kids 5 to 7



Week 1:    
Introductory Session: Basic Knowledge about coding and programming, Types of languages, Difference b/w Markup Language and Programming languages with example. Introduction of HTML and CSS.
Basic HTML: Installing VS Code, Making Title, Script, Link, Meta tags, Adding Image and Anchor tags, Headings and paragraphs

Week 2:
Intermediate HTML-1: Lists and Tables, Forms and Input tags, Inline and Block elements and their uses.
Intermediate HTML-2: Ids & Classes, HTML entities, Semantic tags. Practice and revise through making simple website.

Week 3:
Introduction of CSS: Basic explanation of CSS, Inline, Internal and External CSS, Selector in CSS
Basic CSS: Using Chrome developer tools, Fonts and colors in CSS, Borders and Backgrounds, Box Model, Margin & Padding

Week 4:
Intermediate CSS-1: Float & Clear, Styling Links & Buttons, Creating New Navigation menu
Intermediate CSS-2: CSS Display Property, Position Absolute relative, fixed and sticky in CSS

Week 5:
Advanced CSS-1: Visibility and z-index, Flexbox, Media Queries explanation, More on CSS.
Project-1: Project 1: Creating a website using HTML and CSS

Week 6:
Advanced CSS-2: Responsive design explained, Attributes, Pseudo selectors, Box shadow, Text shadow
Advanced CSS-3: Variables and custom properties, creating animation and keyframes, Creating transitions and transform properties

Week 7:
Advanced CSS-4: CSS Grid fully explained, Media Queries with CSS Grid
Project-2: Creating fully responsive website using HTML and CSS

Week 8:
Discussion class: HTML+CSS
Test on HTML and CSS 

Week 9:
Introduction of     Java: Introduction of Java, Installing Eclipse IDE, Creating Java project
Basic Java-1: Variables and types, getting user input using Java, Math and arithmetic operators

Week 10: 
Basic Java-2: Increment and assignment operator, IF-ELSE statement, Logical operators, switch statement
Basic Java-3: While loops, do-while loops, arrays and for loops

Week 11:
Intermediate Java: String, Introduction to methods, parameter passing and returning value
Intermediate Java: Classes and objects, Class constructors, method overloading

Week 12:
Advanced Java: Static keyword, Discussion of Java access modifiers, final keyword
Advanced Java: Inheritance, polymorphism, method overriding, difference b/w method overloading and method overriding

Week 13:
Advanced Java: Abstract methods and classes, interfaces, recursion
Advanced Java: Arraylist and linkedlist and difference, try-catch-finally block

Week 14: 
Advanced Java: Create a file, Reading file and writing in file, using date and time and formatting date
Java Treads: Introduction of Java threads, Extending and implementing thread class

Week 15:
JavaFx-1: Introduction of JavaFx, Download and install JavaFx, creating small project using JavaFx, Using lambda expression
JavaFx-2: Installing Scene builder, Events and styling

Week 16:
Project-2: Making calculator using Java
Test on Java

  • Start: None
  • Package Duration: 36 Days
  • Seats Available: 80
  • Total Classes: 36
  • Time: 4:30 p.m. - 6 p.m.