Tableau Training

Tableau Training

Tableau Training

Tableau  Training 

Module  1: Getting Started With Tableau
1.1 Introduction to Tableau and an overview of the different versions
1.2 Installing Tableau Desktop
1.3 Tableau Help and online resources

Module 2: Working With Tableau

2.1 Understanding Tableau User Interface
2.2 Exploring Tableau File Types
2.3 Understanding Green and Blue Pills
2.4 Working with Available Data Sources
2.5 Working with extracts instead of live connections

Module 3: Deep diving with Data and Connections

3.1 Working with Excel Data Interpreter
3.2 Learning how to Split fields
3.3 Pivoting Data
3.4 Understanding Metadata and sharing data source connections
3.5 Filtering data from your data source

Module 4: Creating Charts

4.1 The Show Me Feature
4.2 Crosstabs and Heat Maps
4.3 Using Bar, Stacked Bar and Side-by-side Bars
4.4 Pie Charts
4.5 Line and Area Charts
4.6 Working with Packed Bubble
4.7 Using Treemaps
4.8 Creating a Basic Scatter Plot
4.9 Creating a Basic Map

Module 5: Adding calculations to your workbook

5.1 Introduction to Calculations
5.2 Understanding Basic calculations
5.3 Understanding String Calculations
5.4 Learning about Boolean, If-Then calculations, and Case statements
5.5 Understanding the Basics of Date Calculations
5.6 Understanding Aggregation and Disaggregation
5.7 Using calculations to add insight to your visualizations

Module 6: Mapping data in Tableau

6.1 Introduction to Mapping in Tableau
6.2 Create a standard map view
6.3 Dealing with map errors
6.4 Customizing a standard map view
6.5 Using filters in maps

Module 7: Dashboards and Stories

7.1 Introduction to Dashboards
7.2 Understanding Dashboard Actions
7.3 Understanding Dashboard formatting basics
7.4 Understanding Workbook level formatting
7.5 Assembling Your Dashboards Into A Story

Module  8: Visualizations 

8.1 Focusing on the narrative
8.2 Using color with purpose
8.3 Understanding the importance of using tooltips for your audience
8.4 Using a Parameter To Focus the Audience’s Attention
8.5 Removing clutter in your Dashboard
8.6 How to export your dashboard to another file type

Module 9: Practice Projects

Customer Analysis
Product Analysis
Sales Dashboard

  • Start: None
  • Package Duration: 45 Days
  • Seats Available: 80
  • Total Classes: 45
  • Time: 6 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.